Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Richard lll

With no offence intended to England's last Plantagenet king, Richard lll, whose skeleton, it has been confirmed, was found under a Leicester car park, here are some bone idioms for you to match with their meanings:

1.  bone dry
2.  to make no bones about it
3.  to be all skin and bone
4.  to be bone idle
5.  to bone up on something
6.  to have a bone to pick with someone
7.  [to say something that is] close to the bone
8.  to be like a dog with a bone

a.  to stubbornly refuse to stop talking about something
b.  to study or revise [ripassare] something quickly, possibly for a test
c.  to say something that hurts or offends someone because the person is particularly sensitive about it
d.  to be absolutely clear and insistent about what you think
e.  to need to speak to someone about something they have done which has made you angry
f.  not wet at all
g.  to be very thin
h.  to be very lazy

To see the answers, highlight the space below:
1f, 2d, 3g, 4h, 5b, 6e, 7c, 8a.