Sunday, 2 September 2012


Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, died on 25th August and the world has been remembering him.

If you, like me, have been thinking about the moon in the past week, you may like to try matching the "moon" words and idioms below with their meanings.  You will find the answers before the songs at the end of the post:

1.  Once in a blue moon

2.  Be over the moon

3.  Ask for the moon

4.  Many moons ago

5.  Reach for the moon [also "stars"]

6.  Think someone hung the moon and the stars

7.  Moonshine

8.  It's all moonshine

9.  Moonlight [verb]

10. To moon over someone / something

a.  To think someone is wonderful and can do no wrong.

b.  To think something is all nonsence or imagination.

c.  Something that only happens very rarely.

d.  A long time ago.

e.  To grieve or pine about someone or something [often used in romantic situations].

f.  To try to do something that is very difficult;  to be very ambitious.

g.  Illegally made, very strong alcohol, made in illegal stills.

h.  To be very happy.

i.  To work at a second job when you already have a regular [day] job [usually without your regular employer's knowledge].

j. To want something that is probably impossible.

To see the answers, highlight the space below:

1c, 2h, 3j, 4d, 5f, 6a, 7g, 8b, 9i, 10e.

Now here is one of my favourite songs about the moon:

Anne Murray - Moon Over Brooklyn   

And everybody knows this one!

Ella Fitzgerald - Blue Moon


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